Saturday, September 02, 2017

Bournemouth Air Festival 2017, and the kite that stole the show


Great War Display Team (well, three of the seven)

The Tigers Display Team

Day 3, and the last one as far as I'm concerned. Thankfully, poor weather forecast for day four will keep me away from it all. Maybe I am being over critical of the events this past few days, and to be fair it is a free festival, but if there is to be a continuation of this annual event then the Council and organisers need to tighten things up somewhat.

Today, the main attraction of the Red Arrows started the day's flying at noon, but there was nothing  in the air after that for the next 100 minutes. Spectators that lined the cliff tops for several miles in each direction were left wondering if there was anything to follow, and many people drifted away after half an hour or so. A shame, really, as there are always top class performances on offer, but there is, to my mind at least, a need to keep a steady stream of flying to keep the interest.

In addition, I really do feel the variety of aircraft needs to be looked into as the four day schedule is beginning to look tired. This year there were no fast jets; the Eurofighter Typhoon was a notable omission, and the Avro Lancaster pulled out for whatever reason a day or so before proceedings started. Even the helicopters were thin on the ground... er, air, with only a Chinook twin-rotor taking to the skies. It is coming to something when, for me, a bird steals the show.

All images: 300mm f/4 AF-S Nikkor with TC-14EII converter

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